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eMabler Hardware Review Series

We at eMabler, especially myself, have been part of the vehicle revolution for several years now. We have gained access to many players on the market and have seen the good and the bad of the current ecosystem. There are so many companies coming into the market with different products for the electric vehicle ecosystem. This is why we have started a review series where we analyze different products and services that are coming to this field.


Why we do this

We have recognized hundreds of device manufacturers operating in Europe alone; and we constantly get asked which manufacturers we support and whether or not we have any views on the different player’s solutions. These are some of the main reasons why we have decided to publish our findings of the different products we work with; to bring an independent view on the hardware jungle.      

For whom

The target audience for these reviews are charging station owners, operators and installers who will be working with the devices every day. We also hope this will help charge point manufacturers to improve their products and make electric vehicle charging easier. We aim to bring an overall review from the scope of connectivity. We do touch base on some technical aspects of the products, but will not dive too deeply into this aspect


These reviews consist of the following topics: 

  • Major benefits of choosing this product 
    Here we try to share our view of what is absolutely brilliant about this product and what it does well 
  • Drawbacks of choosing this product 
    We share our findings of what could be improved on the product, and what we found difficult when implementing the product on our own system 
  • Who is this product for 
    Our conclusion on what type of charging installations this product is aimed for 
  • Ease of integration 
    Our experiences while doing the integration to the product. 
  • Where to buy the product 
  • Take-Home Message 
    General summary of our findings of the product 
Make sure to bookmark this page as we will list all the published reviews here. 


  1. Review - Ensto EVB and EVF models for eMabler hardware integrations
  2. Review - ABB Terra for eMabler Hardware Integrations
  3. Review - Alfen models for eMabler hardware integrations
  4. Review - Garo Wallbox chargers for eMabler hardware integrations

About the author:


Ville Parviainen is a Co-founder and CTO of eMabler. He has been working with EV chargers / EV charging and the IEC committee. Additionally, Ville has +15 years of experience in software development, integrations and managing large scale IT systems.





eMabler simplifies electric vehicle charging for end-users. Based in Helsinki, Finland the company’s API-first eMobility platform seamlessly integrates mobile payment and commercial systems with charge point operators and manufacturers as well as with energy and service sector companies. For more information, please contact us. 


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