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Review - ABB Terra for eMabler Hardware Integrations

This is an overview of the electric vehicle device from the context of connectivity. We look into the connectivity possibilities, as well as ease of installation, from a connectivity perspective.


Major benefits of choosing this electric vehicle charger 
  • Device is small and robust.
  • Setup is done entirely through the installer mobile app.
  • The installer app is available in both Apple and Android devices. Setup does not require a laptop or any cables connected between setup device and the charger.
  • All setup parameters are pushed beforehand on the ABB Terra Installer portal, which is a web-based system that allows installer access to pre-configure settings the installer can use.
Drawbacks of choosing this product 

ABB Terra chargers have very limited OCPP support. At the time of review, you could not change the charging station identification. Charger can only be connected to a backend with the ABB Terra charging station serial number as the charging station id.

Abb-1Additionally, setting up the pre-configurations to be used by the installers requires access to the ABB portal. You cannot register to the portal without someone allowing your access on the ABB side. You will need to prepare your system before you go on-site to install a new charger.

Who is this for?  

This is clearly a product for home and semi-public use. As a smart charging device, the ABB Terra comes at an affordable price for the segment it addresses. 

Ease of integration  

The device offers OCPP1.6 JSON support direct from the device. However, the setup requires web portal access through which you expose the configurations to the charger (using Bluetooth and mobile app). OCPP implementation is still somewhat limited, so you do not have the ability to get all the use cases working yet. 


Where to buy the product or service


Take-Home Message 

Really good product for home and company use. If you plan to use non-ABB software to operate the device, there are still some functionalities missing on their offering. Nevertheless, a very promising product.


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About the author:

Ville Parviainen is a Co-founder and CTO of eMabler

Ville Parviainen is a Co-founder and CTO of eMabler. He has been working with EV chargers / EV charging and the IEC committee. Additionally, Ville has +15 years of experience in software development, integrations and managing large scale IT systems.






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