eMabler Express and Lobby to improve customer experience in EV charging

The EV charging ecosystem needs to be more end-user centric and offer open APIs. The current situation that EV drivers need to sign up for numerous different services makes the end-user experience poor. eMabler strategy, with the API-first EV charging platform, is to participate in open ecosystems that focus on end-user experience and allow stakeholders to build new business models in eMobility.

Why to use EV charging APIs in energy transition

As more car manufacturers begin producing Electric Vehicles and their adoption is becoming widespread across Europe and the world, it’s no surprise that there’s now an increased demand for EV charging infrastructure, public facilities and software.Energy companies, retailers and businesses are also keenly observing this trend.

Senior software developer

Seasoned Software Developer for the eMobility sphere eMabler is accelerating electric vehicle charging business growth with modern SaaS platform. Our platform integrates end to end electric vehicle charging service with mobile payment, companies’ business systems and energy management. We reduce the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions in transportation. We are now looking for …

How prepared energy companies are for EV charging? Download the report

Energy companies with a customer base should offer electric vehicle charging to their customer base and provide a smooth end-user experience. This means providing EV charging service with existing user interfaces, "one bill” and manage the business with existing business systems. The next step for energy companies is to build new revenue streams from energy management, a substantial and highly lucrative service.

eMabler improves EV charging payments experience in Mastercard Lighthouse program

HELSINKI, Finland (September 7th, 2021) Helsinki-based eMobility API-first eMobility platform company eMabler is selected for the Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV program. Lighthouse builds lasting partnerships with leading fintech, cybersecurity, and productivity startups. The program brings startups, banks, investors and advisors together to scale innovative ideas.

Is it about range anxiety or charging anxiety?

Electric vehicle sales are booming in many European markets, e.g., in North Europe about ⅓ of new vehicles are chargeable. Additionally, Germany, France, and the UK are experiencing impressive growth numbers as well. So, has the electric vehicle proven its acceptance in the “general market”? No, it has not, as there are still chasms to cross before we can confidently say the electric vehicle is the new market standard.

Review - Garo Wallbox chargers for eMabler hardware integrations

In this review we have concentrated on the wallbox models of Garo EV Chargers, and especially connectable wallboxes. There are also older and newer versions of their offering in this segment. In this post, we have focused on the newer version.

Poor customer experience is braking electric vehicle uptake

The electric car rental company Nextmove recently asked 2,800 electric vehicle users in Germany about their experience with electric vehicles. The results are very worrying, as only 47% would recommend their current electric vehicle to a friend. Respondents were especially unhappy in regard to the charging experience. Considering how important friends’ recommendations are for consumers when they make buying decisions, poor customer experience can slow electric vehicle uptake!

Review - Alfen models for eMabler hardware integrations

In this post we look at Alfen models for eMabler hardware integrations. This is an overview of the electric vehicle device from the context of connectivity. We look into the connectivity possibilities, as well as ease of installation, from a connectivity perspective.

Review - ABB Terra for eMabler Hardware Integrations

This is an overview of the electric vehicle device from the context of connectivity. We look into the connectivity possibilities, as well as ease of installation, from a connectivity perspective. In this post we look at ABB Terra for eMabler Hardware Integrations.