Review - Ensto EVB and EVF models for eMabler hardware integrations


This is an overview of the electric vehicle device from the context of connectivity. We look into the connectivity possibilities, as well as ease of installation from a connectivity perspective. 


Major benefits of choosing this electric vehicle charger 

This EV charger can be configured to support multiple types of communication use cases. It contains several settings options through which behavior can be tailored to the needs of the owner. 

Device has an easy to access configuration page:       

  • You can either connect to the same network where the charger has been set-up and access the device with an IP address. Keep in mind you will need to know the IP address where the charger has received the network setup.
  • Or you can plug in a basic USB cable between your laptop and the charger to access the same set-up page via your browser.      
There are also possible options to load configurations via pre-setup USB storage (USB memory stick). 


Drawbacks of choosing this product 

User needs to be well informed of the electric vehicle charging concepts and internet communication in general. As the product offers so many configuration options, user may get lost in the different options if they don’t have a prior knowledge of the concept. 

The device network needs to be secured to prevent access to the configuration pages of the charger. If this charger is installed to open internet, the configuration would be visible to everyone by default. 


Who is this for?  

Mainly focused for public and semi-public charging networks. EVB can also be used for larger home charging locations, example, in housing condominiums. 


Ease of integration  

The communication protocols this device range provides are: 

  • OCPP 1.5 (with SOAP) 
  • OCPP 1.6 (with SOAP or JSON) 
  • Proprietary binary version of both OCPP versions 

It has full coverage of all the use cases of the OCPP standard, also Smart Charging features of 1.6 

Basically, the integration was quite easy, the only challenge might be that you really need to know beforehand how you wish the charger to behave. There are so many configuration parameters to choose from that setting up a good config might take a while. 


Where to buy the product or service 



Take-Home Message 

This is a good product when you are building charging sites with several chargers. The overall aim has probably been for public networks, but the EVB model also works on apartment building home charging, or company charging. The current price point might be just too expensive for home charging in general. Product's mechanic structure is not ideal for harsh climate.


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About the author:


Ville Parviainen is a Co-founder and CTO of eMabler. He has been working with EV chargers/ EV charging and the IEC committee. Additionally, Ville has +15 years of experience in software development, integrations and managing large scale IT systems.





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