EV vehicles

What stops electric vehicles mass adoption?

Electric vehicle sales are booming in many European markets, e.g., in North Europe about ⅓ of new vehicles are chargeable. Additionally, Germany, France, and the UK are experiencing impressive growth numbers as well. So, has the electric vehicle proven its acceptance in the “general market”? No, it has not, as there are still chasms to cross before we can confidently say the electric vehicle is the new market standard.

Poor customer experience is braking electric vehicle uptake

The electric car rental company Nextmove recently asked 2,800 electric vehicle users in Germany about their experience with electric vehicles. The results are very worrying, as only 47% would recommend their current electric vehicle to a friend. Respondents were especially unhappy in regard to the charging experience. Considering how important friends’ recommendations are for consumers when they make buying decisions, poor customer experience can slow electric vehicle uptake!